Multiple bucket crews working on a circuit help minimize management overheads. Productivity increases and public relations are more visible. Multiple crews can cover a large circuit area in small amount of time. From initial work planning of circuit, to work performed, inspection of work, customer satisfaction cards distributed to consumers and circuit reports provided to you the utility. Halter Tree Service, Inc. can cover all of your needs!!

Over the years our company has transformed from a small residential tree service into a leading service provider in the utility line clearance field. Today 99% of our work is specialized utility line clearance, working for several utilities and energy cooperatives. We are capable of providing solutions to unique and difficult line clearance problems that other tree companies cannot. Our ability to change and customize our services to fit the needs of the ever changing utility service industry will continue to allow us to be a leader in the line clearance field for years to come.

Right of way specialized equipment gets the job done. Our Bucket/skidder’s, Skytrim’s and Tracked vehicles makes rough terrain areas accessible and crews very productive. At Halter Tree Service, Inc., we pride ourselves completing challenging terrain projects. Experienced personnel along with sophisticated equipment results in efficient vegetation management practices. Call us today to tackle your problem areas and we will mobilize a task force to meet your needs!!

At Halter Tree Service, Inc. and Halter Vegetation Mgmt, Inc., we are always looking for new opportunities with our utility partners. We work with them to develop new and innovative equipment and methods for vegetation elimination. This is one way we add value to our services by being productive, safe, and cost effective.

If you or your utility are interested in a specialized approach to your vegetation management needs, contact us for a complete list of our available equipment, services, and rates. We are currently putting together plans for 2017 and can customize a vegetation management program for any size job or utility. Call us today!
Most of our personnel and crews are cross trained on multiple pieces of equipment, allowing us the flexibility to change crews or equipment on a moments notice.


Halter Vegetation alter Management, Inc. specializes in clearing right-of-ways. Our Kershaw Klearway 500 mowers feature the Fecon Bullhead mulching head. Clean right-of-ways are always a challenge. With the Kershaw, our brush control practices will result in easily accessible pole structures. Let us take care of your brush clearing needs!



Halter alter Vegetation Management, Inc. Our spray crews compliment brush control practices. From radial arch spraying, gun-hose spraying, to back-pack basal treatment, our licensed & certified crews will complete the job. Let us take care of your herbicide needs!


“Storm Restoration Response”


Halter Tree Service, Inc. can mobilize a quick response when it comes to disaster relief. Our experienced personnel in restoration efforts are safety trained for hazards that accompany devastation areas!! Diverse equipment, qualified climbers and safety protocols help “you” the utility to restore confidence and reliability to your customers.

Catastrophic natural disasters can easily paralyze utilities. Halter Tree Service Inc. & Halter Vegetation Mgnt., Inc. can mobilize quickly to staging areas before most storms are forecasted to hit! Our fleet of support trucks are available to keep our crews up and working in the most difficult working environments. Whether it’s fuel, food, maintenance, or heavy equipment transport, our team of support personnel know how to get the job!

Specialized jobs and severe hazard trees is our profession. Job situations call for professional personnel and diversified equipment. Close quarter residential areas or trees adjacent to transmission power lines are just a few of the types of difficult working environments we excel in.

Utilizing heavy cranes, or special equipment applications for railroad projects is needed. No job is out of question for Halter Tree Service, Inc. We have the capabilities to get the job done. From removing the first limb, to disposing of the debris and final clean-up. It will be done right!!!

In January of 2004 Halter Tree Service, Inc. teamed with our utility partners to help develop a computer program that will revolutionize the way all utilities and co-ops manage their vegetation practices in the future. WIN Energy along with Powel and Halter Tree Service, Inc. have developed a sophisticated software package for energy and vegetation management.


“VEG-WORKS” powered by StakeOut®

Halter Tree Service Inc. has helped develop this new technology. It is helping utilities to streamline the entire work order process from job initiation to close out. When implemented into your utility, the effects are powerful. It enables workplanners to track the status of various jobs more accurately and identify special conditions (such as “flaggers needed”) during assessment.

Some of the features this software is capable of include:

· Show work graphically on real world (geo-referenced) backgrounds
· Indicate start and stop points for mowing or side-trimming
· Group related work orders to reduce costs
· Capture tamper-proof digital signatures
· Generate cost estimates
· Automatically generate and populate property owner permission forms
· Capture the time and work completed by field crews

Here is how the process starts!!!:

· With mapping data information provided from the utility, the powell program has the capability to take Auto-Cad
layer technology and convert it to ESRI (shape file) technology for various information onto a map format. Being
G.I.S. referenced, the progam is loaded with the first layer of background maps (road maps, county line maps)
next layer is the utility power-line or gas-line maps. Followed by county to county parcel mapping. Parcel mapping
allows work-planners to know who legally owns the property of where work is to be performed. Next is our
equipment that has GPS will appear on same map as roads, powerlines, parcel maps. Halter Tree Service workplanners
has access to information that can provide amazing results!!


Some of the benefits for your utility could include:

· Work planners can give maps with detailed instructions to the crews allowing
for the tree crews to quickly find the work locations and complete the
tree work. In addition to locating trees to be removed or trimmed, starting
and stopping points for mowing and side trimming can be graphically captured
on a map. Thus improving efficiency!!!